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Darren Hedrick and All That! (Brian Staggs, Mark Clifford, Delohn Collins, & Mike Curtis)

America’s Clogging Hall of Fame (ACHF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the old time square dance and clogging. ACHF was founded in 1981 by Dan and Sandy Angel for the purpose of honoring our past leaders and providing a place for dancers from all walks of life to come together and dance. ACHF is a family-oriented organization that promotes clean, family-friendly events that are designed to preserve our traditional art form while welcoming the growth of the modern form of the dance.

ACHF sanctions many competitions throughout the year where teams and dancers can qualify to compete in the ACHF Championships dance-off in October. Any team finishing 1st or 2nd in TWO sanctioned competitions qualifies to compete at the dance-off. Also, all grand champion solo winners at each sanctioned event earns the opportunity to compete in October for a chance to be the Over-All Solo dancer of the year.


America’s Clogging Hall of Fame honors many of its dancers at the October Championships. An All-American Clogging Team is selected each year through a nominating and selection process in which 24 of our best dancers are chosen. ACHF also selects up to 24 dancers to the Junior and All American Teams and up to 4 dancers to the Senior All-American Team each year. These dancers are showcased at the Championships.

Also honored at the Championships are at least three individuals who are inducted into America’s Clogging Hall of Fame. These inductees have been clogging for at least 25 years and have been a positive influence in the preservation of the dance. College scholarships are also awarded in October for up to three deserving students.


Our competition year runs from November 1 to September 30. A list of those competitions and information is available on the website. We invite you to participate in our qualifying competitions throughout the year and hope to see you at our Championships!

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